BluCapri for the sea

Seabin for a bluer sea

Seabin Project

It is impossible to imagine Capri without its sea

But Capri’s sea is fragile and must be protected with determination. We want to play an active part in this defence of Capri’s sea.

This is why BluCapri packaging is entirely recyclable and plastic-free, an irreversible choice for which our packaging will always be more responsible, ecological and zero impact.

For this reason BluCapri supports the SeaBin project: a part of BluCapri’s revenues will be used to adopt and maintain a SeaBin sea cleaning device, to be placed in the port of Capri, able to collect 1.500 kg of plastic per year from the sea, filtering even the most insidious microplastics.

Support the SEABIN project with us

3% of the turnover is used to the purchase of Seabin devices for the sea.
Thanks to you, we have allocated:
€ 6.000,00