Chocolate in the heart
Summer nostalgia


Two young friends, Adriana and Vittoria, the island of Capri, the 1950s, the Mediterranean, the music of Dean Martin by the sea, the salt on their skin, the sun in their eyes, the majestic iconic rocks in the sea – Faraglioni, accomplices of unforgettable seasons.

For the world, Capri is an exclusive place, where famous people with their dream yachts travel to, but for Adriana and Vittoria it is simply a piece of their heart, where they share an enthusiastic passions for the sea, the island’s scents and… chocolate.

But life goes on, fast and sudden: Adriana stays in Naples but Vittoria doesn’t. Thus Adriana came up with an unusual idea, a gesture of affection for her friend: in the complicit hands of a master chocolatier she creates the Faraglioni: finest chocolate filled with lemon cream, faithful and iconic miniatures sent to her friend without warning.

Vittoria’s emotion on receiving this unexpected gift is such that words cannot describe it, so she urges her friend to make so many of these little jewels, for all lovers of Capri and good chocolate.

To be enjoyed on Capri, to be totally in Capri.

To be tasted while dreaming of Capri, to evoke magic and charm anywhere in the world.

Thus began a sweet adventure which, partly for fun and partly out of love, that has evolved into a small, refined artisan production, which gathers the best of Capri and the region Campania to enclose it in chocolate.

After thirty years of activity Adriana, helped by her son Francesco, developed a new determination to complete and refine her original project: her Faraglioni must be a gesture of love for Capri and its Sea, with full respect for the environment and its fragility.

So here is a new name, “BluCapri“, marking the definitive rejection of plastic and the adoption of completely recyclable and the adhesion to the “SeaBin” project, to activate also on Capri this important instrument for the protection of marine waters.


We, who know all the seasons, tides and depths of Capri, have decided to pay homage to it in our own way through chocolate.

This is why BluCapri represents the iconic essence of Capri in delicious Faraglione-shaped chocolates, filled with the best that the Campania region has to offer: lemon, hazelnuts, coffee and salt.

BluCapri demonstrates its love for the Blue Island by adopting entirely recyclable packaging, rejecting plastic and participating in the project for the active removal of waste from the sea working with Seabin – device that will be placed in the port of Capri.

We want beauty, goodness and respect for nature and people in our actions.

Mission statement

We encapsulate the essence of Capri in the finest chocolates in the iconic Faraglione shape, filled with noble raw materials from Campania, making our chocolates, ambassadors of a legendary island, unique in the world for their authentic flavours.


BluCapri is love for high quality chocolate, that’s why we buy excellent South American cocoa beans at the right price, processed in Italy according to our wishes.

BluCapri is love for a legendary island, its Sea, its Territory, which we thank for the beauty it gives us every day and of which we use the best ingredients for our products.

BluCapri means absolute respect for the Sea and Nature, that’s why our packaging is recyclable or compostable and we are committed to the Seabin project for the cleaning of the sea of Capri.

BluCapri is absolute respect for all people: whether they are customers, collaborators or suppliers, we aspire to make everyone a little happier with our business.